Monday, November 28, 2011

Rosacea Claus

The Beard Countdown to Christmas

She used fancy stamps. I used my hand. 

Easiest craft ever.

A magnet on the back for easy fridge placement. 

And this is where I botched it. Happy Christmas, Rosacea Claus!

The hubbys says, "I dunno. I think he's cute! Rudolph the Red Nosed ReinClaus."


The fail will be in that I have to make 3 more of these so my kids don't fight over
who gets to trim his beard. 

Pinterest Win - A Very Vegan Thanksgiving

What a funny race of beings we humans are. I'm gonna cut up this produce to look like a turkey. 

And... It DOES!  Thanks for sharing, Holly! 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gobbity Goop Wreath of Failure!

My first submission!! 

"Do NOT use glitter balls - my living room looks like a strip club exploded."


Send me your pinterest projects!! 


Roadhouse Rolls!

I made these yummies for a Thanksgiving potluck we were invited to. Just looking at these bad boys on pinterest made my mouth water! Mmm. Fluffy rolls, right?!  

In making the dough, I followed her instructions in an effort to get the perfectly square shape... 
The foldy over method thing she said to do. I got this: 

Heh Heh.
Oh, and this is after the rolls had been in the oven for the given amount of time, (10-15 minutes ... 12 1/2 to be exact) but they were still too doughy for my taste. Seems like the main problem with pinterest recipes is the bake time... Anyways! So an extra 8 minutes and a stick of butter later and here's what I got: 

She said her's were "too soft". Not mine. Maybe I didn't knead something right. I dunno. They were rolls. Good rolls, but nothin' to write home about.... 

Tomorrow... Arts and Crafts! Yay!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Swedish Baked Potatoes

I wonder what it is that makes these "Swedish"? That sort of compartmentalizes how the Swedes eat their potatoes. Like saying the French only eat their potatoes deep fried. Yet, every search for "Swedish Potatoes" results in these little beauties:

In the words of the hubby, "That's the best tater recipe ever!"

Although, if I had kept them in the oven for the given amount of time, 40 minutes, they would have been the most underbaked taters ever. Or is that how the Swedish take their potatoes?

Mug Brownies

...Or Muggies, as my 6 year old deemed them. If you're on Pinterest, you've seen them... the Two Minute Mug Brownie. Here's mine:

These were both delicious and disgusting. If you are going to make these, don't dig in for at least 5 minutes, as they get better the longer they "set". My teeth hurt before I got half way down, they were so sweet, but I just couldn't stop eating!

Maybe I should call this photography fail. :)