Sunday, November 27, 2011

Roadhouse Rolls!

I made these yummies for a Thanksgiving potluck we were invited to. Just looking at these bad boys on pinterest made my mouth water! Mmm. Fluffy rolls, right?!  

In making the dough, I followed her instructions in an effort to get the perfectly square shape... 
The foldy over method thing she said to do. I got this: 

Heh Heh.
Oh, and this is after the rolls had been in the oven for the given amount of time, (10-15 minutes ... 12 1/2 to be exact) but they were still too doughy for my taste. Seems like the main problem with pinterest recipes is the bake time... Anyways! So an extra 8 minutes and a stick of butter later and here's what I got: 

She said her's were "too soft". Not mine. Maybe I didn't knead something right. I dunno. They were rolls. Good rolls, but nothin' to write home about.... 

Tomorrow... Arts and Crafts! Yay!

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